Time Lapse Photography
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Document your construction project using our state of the art
solar powered, 3G enabled long term time-lapse system

Time-lapse photography has the unique ability to condense and show the amazing transformations taking place day after day right in front of you on your project.


Our state of the art Time Lapse system is designed to be installed onsite and remains there for the duration of your project. It captures images at regular intervals during construction hours. Images are sent directly from the camera via the 3G network to your own personalised web gallery where you have real time access to pictures of your site at any time from any where.

The Project Story Time Lapse equipment is compact, solar powered, and self-contained, which allows for an extremely simple and efficient installation process, and can be easily removed when your project is completed.


We combine HD digital capture with a professional editing service to provide high quality stabilised video to best showcase your project and what you do best.